The real reason for death-qualified juries

“Of special concern to me are rules that deprive the defendant of a trial by jurors representing a fair cross section of the community. Litigation involving both challenges for cause and peremptory challenges has persuaded me that the process of obtaining a “death qualified jury” is really a procedure that has the purpose and effect of obtaining a jury that is biased in favor of conviction. The prosecutorial concern that death verdicts would rarely be returned by 12 randomly selected jurors should be viewed as objective evidence supporting the conclusion that the penalty is excessive.”

Justice Stevens, Baze v. Rees (2008)

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Around the country, people who will not impose the death penalty for moral or religious reasons, or because they are concerned about flaws in the death penalty system, are not allowed to sit on capital juries.

In the single instance where our government calls on us to make a moral determination on behalf of our community, the voices of American citizens are being excluded and silenced. Here, we speak out and say “We want to serve!”

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About Us

We are a coalition of concerned citizens who oppose the government’s intrusion on our right to express our beliefs on capital juries.

Help us put an end to the silencing of people who oppose executions on juries. Let us lift up your testimony.

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